abaasia, käimisvõimetus

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  • Abasia — (from Greek: a , without and basis , step) is the inability to walk due to impaired muscle coordination. The term covers a spectrum of medical disorders such as:* choreic abasia: caused by chorea of the legs * paralytic abasia: caused by… …   Wikipedia

  • abasia — f. neurol. Incapacidad de coordinar la actividad motora hasta imposibilitar la marcha, el estar de pie o la precisión en los movimientos, a pesar de que en ocasiones se conserva la fuerza muscular y la sensibilidad. Medical Dictionary. 2011. aba …   Diccionario médico

  • Abasia — A*ba si*a ([.a]*b[=a] zh[i^]*[.a]; z[i^]*[.a]), n. [NL.; Gr. a not + ba sis a step.] (Med.) Inability to co[ o]rdinate muscular actions properly in walking. {A*ba sic} ([.a]*b[=a] s[i^]k), a. [Webster 1913 Suppl.] || …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • abasia — s. f. [Medicina] Ver astasia …   Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa

  • abasia — noun inability to walk • Derivationally related forms: ↑abatic, ↑abasic • Hypernyms: ↑disability of walking • Hyponyms: ↑abasia trepidans, ↑atactic abasia, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • abasia — noun /ə. beɪ.ʒə/|/ə. beɪ.ʒi.ə/|/ə. beɪ.zi.ə/ An inability to walk, which may be psychiatric or physiological in origins. The patient is able to move her legs while lying down but has abasia when she stands up …   Wiktionary

  • Abasia — Klassifikation nach ICD 10 F44.4 Abasie …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • abasia — abasic /euh bay zik, sik/, abatic /euh bat ik/, adj. /euh bay zheuh, zhee euh, zee euh/, n. Med. inability to walk due to a limitation or absence of muscular coordination. Cf. astasia. [1885 90; < NL, equiv. to Gk a A 6 + bat , verbid of baínein… …   Universalium

  • abasia — Inability to walk. See gait. [G. a priv. + basis, step] atactic a., ataxic a. difficulty in walking due to ataxia of the legs. * * * aba·sia ə bā zh(ē )ə n inability to walk caused by a defect in muscular coordination compare ASTASIA aba·sic ə bā …   Medical dictionary

  • abasia — ► sustantivo femenino MEDICINA Imposibilidad de andar por descoordinación de movimientos. * * * ► femenino PATOLOGÍA Trastorno en la coordinación de la marcha normal, debido a diversas enfermedades del sistema nervioso central, en ausencia de… …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • abàsia — a|bà|si|a Mot Esdrúixol Nom femení …   Diccionari Català-Català

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